Message from The Board

We Have Story Of Us For You To Discover

We are as an Indonesian Company, established in 1997, for purpose for providing goods and services rapidly expanded and diversified into a fully integrated area of business into Telecomunication, Trading, Exploration and Advertising.

We are developing and expanding our activity to various countries. Principal markets are Indonesia, Middle East, and South East Asia In a service business such as ours, the quality of personnel determines the success of any endeavour.

The vision and good management of our team has been responsible for our companies rapid growth. Team work has made the company what it is today and it will continue to be the basis for our future development. It is our aim to continue the tradition of being one of the best , which is reflected in the standards of excellence in all of our operations. We will continue to identify and developed additional, diverse yet integrated business in this sector.

I believe that our standards of excellence in every sphere will enable us to deliver value to our customers and shareholder as we continue to manage out profitable and growing business.

M.Taufan Alatas President Director